Odoo Expenses: From a photo on your mobile to the expense report

Odoo Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

By Yannick Tivisse - Odoo Developer

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15. Manager: Expenses Analysis

5. Use Case / Process 2

17. Demonstration 3

18. Conclusion 4

20. Questions 5

3. Overview & Key Features 1

13. Accountant: Payment The accountant can reimburse the employee and make the reconciliation automatically

21. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

6. — Larry Freeman, manager As a manager, I easily manage employees’ expenses. I can create upstream expense products with predefined parameters and I can follow, validate and analyze downstream my team’s expenses. Once I have validated expenses, they are automatically submitted to the accounting department.

14. Salesman / Project Manager: Re-Billing The expenses linked to an analytic account are reported on a related sales order Select which expenses to charge to the customer

9. Employee: Expense Submission Overview and submit all your expenses Submit one or several expenses in an expense report Once done it’s the manager’s turn

7. — Tracy Waters, employee As an employee, I record expenses quickly & easily. I upload a picture of my ticket taken with my mobile phone, link my expenses to a project and submit them to my manager. I can even create an expense in one step by simply sending an email.

8. Employee: Expense Encoding Create expenses gradually before reporting them Encode expense data Attach your supporting documents (receipt, invoice, ...)

16. Employee: Get Mobile PRODUCT CODE and PRICE are optional Send an email with pictures in attachment to create automatically an expense

11. Manager: Expense Approval Approve Justify Refusals Refuse

1. Odoo Expenses From a photo on your mobile to the expense report Yannick TIVISSE • Developer EXPERIENCE 2016

12. Accountant: Final Validation The accountant takes the final decision & generates the accounting entries Evaluation of the accuracy of the information In addition of the manager, the accountant can also refuse expenses

10. Manager: Expense Follow-Up Evaluation of the relevance of the information All information on hand to make a decision Ask for more information & discuss with the employee

2. Overview & Key Features 1 Use Case / Process Demonstration Conclusion Questions 2 3 4 5

19. Conclusion The key benefits for expense management are for: ● Employees: ○ Quick and easy encoding of his expenses ● Managers: ○ Follow up of his employees’ expenses → relevance evaluation ○ Expenses analysis ● Accountant: ○ Final validation → accuracy evaluation ○ Posting of accounting entries ○ Payment recording ● Salesmen / Project managers: ○ Customer invoicing

4. Expense Management, Key Assets Employee Salesman / Project Manager Manager Accountant - Re-billing the customer - Clear overview of the information to encode - File attachment - Easy submission - Send expenses by email - Clear control & easy validation - Justification of refusals - Creation of expense product - Expense Analysis - Posting of accounting entries - Reimbursing the employee - Effortless reconciliation


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