Use barcode to speed up your manufacturing operations

Odoo Channel / Odoo Experience 2016

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By Josse Colpaert - Developer

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7. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

1. MRP Barcode interface Josse Colpaert • Developer EXPERIENCE 2016

4. Buttons A button can be adapted in the view to be triggered by a barcode In handy for start/pause/stop operations. It can also trigger scrap, which opens a wizard which will react differently to barcodes: you can scan product to scrap, ...

2. Buttons triggered by barcodes 1 Lot/SN scanning and traceability Misc: demo page, nomenclature, extensions, ... 2 3

6. Misc ● In the module, you can find a demo ps/pdf ● The barcode nomenclature can be used to identify lots, add weight immediately ● For developers, it is not difficult to change the way barcodes are used

5. Lot/SN scanning Traceability in production is mainly done on lot/SN If you scan a lot/SN that exists in the system, it will automatically know if it is for a raw material or a finished product. Serial Numbers and lots are the same object, but for Serial Numbers every 1 piece needs a unique number. When the manufacturing order is done, you will be able to see in the traceability report which raw material lot/SN was used.

3. Mainly at work orders Where the workers on the floor will use it Production orders themselves will be managed by the administration. It is on the work orders that the real work happens and scanning is the most practical. As quantities are updated through theoretical quantities, you don’t need to scan every raw material. The scanning is simpler than in stock as the traceability in mrp is based mainly on lots/SNs and less on packages, sublocations, ... as in inventory.


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