The art of persuading decision makers

Canal Odoo / Odoo Experience 2016

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By Jaime Catalan Pinto - EMEA Sales Manager - Customer Success

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14. Conclusion 5

3. Introduction 1

6. What does a decision maker care about? 2

9. The power of a good qualification 3

16. Thank you. #odooexperience EXPERIENCE 2016

12. Changing decision maker’s perception 4

1. The art of persuading decision makers Jaime Catalan • Sales Manager – Customer Success EMEA EXPERIENCE 2016

2. Introduction 1 What does a decision maker care about? The power of a good qualification Changing decision maker’s perseption Conclusion 2 3 4 5

13. Asking will lead you to the main pain... But do not stop there... DM’s needs may not be correctly identified... Solving pains won’t convince them... Keep exploring & find cost, loss, waste, erosion... Benefits will... How did/is/will Odoo help them... killing costs, making profits, saving time, increasing market shares...

4. Ensure & Maintain High Quality Standards... Structure your activity Ensure a perfect follow up - You constantly know where you are, were & will be - Define and agree what’s next Reactivity & Proactivity Lead your customer to take the right decision

5. Sales isn’t an exact science... But we all want to solve the same equation made of 4 unknwon variables... 1. Needs = Solution provided 2. Timing is known and realistic 3. Budget is available and covers the solution provided 4. 1, 2 & 3 have been confirmed by the Decision Maker Get quick access to power

10. Listen... Understand... & Translate You can say NO... ...But propose alternatives Give interest to customer’s Business Understand his reasoning & speak in his terms Share your expertise to establish trust Advise your customer Manage his expectations

11. Excellence in DEMONSTRATIONS Understand his reasoning & speak in his terms... New Features Track and trace Figures New Functionalities KPI’s Show Reports & BI Do not show all apps Keep focus on the essentials

15. Closing... Design, Structure & Present A good QUOTATION Manage expectations – Be Clear No Surprises... refer to your qualification Price vs Value Negotiation is part of the game We all negotiate Be prepared and have a good head start Closing starts with the 1st phone Call All contacts, and information collected will help you closing the deal Your customer may not have the correct picture of the situation he is in Both parts have agreed on pains Both parts have agreed that Odoo is the solution to those pains Remind him the costs of not changing his actual processes/tools

8. Decision Makers are result oriented... What does a Decision Maker care about?... BENEFITS ROI 1. Cost reduction 2. Turn over 3. Market shares 4. Growth 5. Quality of services/products provided 6. Profits 7. Margins

7. Decision Makers do not care about... All interesting topics... ... But none will be crucial in the decision process! 1. Usability 2. Stability of the system 3. Key features missing 4. Maintenance / Updates 5. Prevent bugs 6. Data storage / Servers location / Security 7. Performance loss 8. Integration with other systems 9. SLA


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