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Odoo 10 - Rendimiento

Odoo 10 - Rendimiento

Performance of the new Odoo 10 version

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Being a manager at Odoo

What's is a team leader? And what's a manager? Become a leader and make the best of your people's skills and talent, give what it's needed to let them shine!

The Odoo Culture

What's the spirit in your company?
At Odoo, we know how important it is to work in a great and motivating atmosphere! No only you like to wake up in the morning to go to your job, but your are proud of working in this company!
Suggest idea, you can fail, at least you tried!

Odoo Website Builder (Tour)

The Odoo Website Builder and eCommerce in action.

Try it here: https://www.odoo.com/page/website-builder

El canal con todos los videos de Odoo explicando sus funcionalidades